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A Finnish Fable

What is A Finnish Fable?

A Finnish Fable is a cheery platformer set in Iron Age Finland. Run, jump, and arrow-climb through levels while avoiding squirrels and moose(meese?). Enjoy cloudberries to replenish your health and listen to Finnish folk songs in the background.

Distribution and Shaders

Dev Blog Posted on Mon, February 20, 2017 07:43AM

Happy Monday everybody,

Our demo has been live for the first week. We are proud of the outcome and proud of how polished the game feels to us. We are still shooting for a summer release date but now we have started thinking of distribution. Now with stream greenlight going away for steam direct, we started wondering if our game should be hosted on steam. We thought long and hard for our target audience and we believe that steam might not be the best place for our target audience. One of our biggest ideas is hosting the game our selves like how Minecraft did back in the day. Of course everything is still in discussion but we wanted to hear from our fans if they have any ideas. How would you like to grab our final copy of the game. We are expecting big things from the final release and we are hoping that you will enjoy our game as much as we enjoyed making it.

As a side note, this week I have been looking into shaders. They are an interesting concept that could enhance our game in an outstanding way (if i can figure out how to get them to work :P). Shaders determine how to render each pixel in our game and we can make some outstanding effects using them. They are commonly used for lighting and shading effects, but I am planning to try use them to enhance the graphics a little in A Finnish Fable. This will be an interesting and fun concept to play with.

Moi Moi,
AFF Team

DEMO IS LIVE!!!!!!!!

Dev Blog Posted on Mon, February 13, 2017 08:04AM

Hey everybody, Our new Demo is finally live and you can grab it from This will be our final demo release as for now. Mitomon and I will be focusing on the full game and we are shooting for a summer release date. Its been incredibly fun and rewarding working on A Finnish Fable and I really hope you guys enjoy it as much as we enjoyed working on it.

Also, we just got our first article written about us. It was from homeofnerds and they really did a good job talking about our game. This is really exciting. Here is the article.

As always, if you guys have any questions or concerns about the game, or if you guys found any bugs, or even if you wonder how some features were implemented in the game, feel free to reach out.

Moi Moi,
AFF team

New demo soon

Dev Blog Posted on Mon, January 30, 2017 10:39AM

It’s been a long time since our last post and we are sorry about that. We have been busy with the new year and a lot of things were changing due us. For example, I just graduated from university and started a new job. Nevertheless, we continue to work on A Finnish Fable and we have been making some great progress. We brought in a new mini boss and a whole new level. We are adding some final touches but a new demo should be out sometime in the coming week or two. We hope you guys had a great start to 2017.

Moi Moi,
AFF Team

Getting Back on Track

Dev Blog Posted on Mon, December 19, 2016 04:01PM

Exams are finally done!!!!!!! Time to get back to working on A Finnish Fable. We are hoping to get a lot done this break. We have big plans for this game and Mitomon and I discussed how long do we expect this game will take. We came up with a new release date for A Finnish Fable and that date is April 2017. We are going to hand craft each level and all the bosses so expect some great things. Next week we will have a big update for A Finnish Fable so be ready for it.

Moi Moi,

AFF Team

Making bosses is fun

Dev Blog Posted on Mon, November 28, 2016 03:31PM

So we said last week that we started working on our first boss. Well we have been making great progress on the boss so far as Mitomon created a couple of cool animations for the boss and i am creating some custom AI for the boss. So far the boss is really fun to fight but too easy. We need to tweak him so he can be challenging and fun to fight. I also want to redisgn some of the level that we currently have as I have been learning more level design techniques.

Mitomon and I have been working hard during the break and we have been working on more than the just the boss. Mitomon got some new sound effects and a design for a mini boss, while I have been refactoring my AI class so I can easily create more AI for different characters. We should be done with the boss and more by early next. Expect a nice pic of the next week when we are done.

If you guys want to chat with us, you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.

Moi Moi,
AFF Team

Boss #1

Dev Blog Posted on Tue, November 22, 2016 04:08PM

I have some exciting news, we are starting work on the boss. We have made the initial sprite and Mitomon is going to be making some animations for the boss. I am going to create new AI for the boss and we are trying to make it a challenging and fun boss fight. We are both excited to work on this boss fight and we are hoping to get it done by the end of thanksgiving break.

As for other news, We are implementing two new enemies, both are able to fly. We also worked on implementing a pause screen and it is looking really good. Mitomon created a new soundtrack and it sounds great. Go give it a listen and tell us what you think.

We are excited for the next demo we are going to release and even more excited for the final release of the game. With thanksgiving break approaching us, we are hoping for a productive week.

If you guys want to chat with us, you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.

Happy Thanksgiving,
AFF Team

Final release soon

Dev Blog Posted on Mon, November 14, 2016 12:45PM

We have decided when we will to release the final version of A Finnish Fable in January 2017. While this is an ambitious goal, we’re positive we can make it happen. Most of the game mechanics are done, so the bulk of the work will be fleshing out the story through complex and entertaining art and level design. If you are still undecided, don’t worry, we will also have a free demo out for you to try out.

As for progress, mitomon has been creating some sound effects(SFX) for the game. He went outside to step on some grass and shoot some arrows in order to get authentic sounds for the game. Unfortunately, he didn’t find any moose or squirrels when he was out there, though he is working on it. We have big plans for this game and we are expecting it to be great when we release it.

As for me, I have been making the game quite easier to run so any computer will be able to play our game fine. I also have been fixing the save files for the game so you can have more than one save instance of the game. Lastly, I was fixing some small bugs that were in the game.

Thanks for your constant support!

Moi Moi,
AFF Team

Planning starts

Dev Blog Posted on Mon, November 07, 2016 08:35PM

As we said in the last post, our new demo is out and we are happy to say that the downloads more than doubled and we have heard a lot of good things from many people who have played the demo. Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who played the demo and thank you for all your kind words. It’s nice to see that people enjoy our gmae and it gives us great motivation to continue the project and make it the best it can be.

This week was much less stressful than last week since we were trying to add a whole bunch of feratures before we turn in our game to M’Dieval game jam. We started planning what we wanted to finish before our next demo and we kicked up marketing a notch. We made a Facebook, Twitter, and a subreddit for the game for people who want to get small updates of our game on their news feed. Also, we should have a new trailer soon which we will post about once it is out. It’s in the works.

For next week going forward, we should be able to ramp up and be able to work on the game a little bit more now. We are planning big things for this game so stay tuned.

Here are the links for the Facebook and Twitter page and also for the subreddit.

Moi Moi,
AFF team

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