Happy Monday everybody,

Our demo has been live for the first week. We are proud of the outcome and proud of how polished the game feels to us. We are still shooting for a summer release date but now we have started thinking of distribution. Now with stream greenlight going away for steam direct, we started wondering if our game should be hosted on steam. We thought long and hard for our target audience and we believe that steam might not be the best place for our target audience. One of our biggest ideas is hosting the game our selves like how Minecraft did back in the day. Of course everything is still in discussion but we wanted to hear from our fans if they have any ideas. How would you like to grab our final copy of the game. We are expecting big things from the final release and we are hoping that you will enjoy our game as much as we enjoyed making it.

As a side note, this week I have been looking into shaders. They are an interesting concept that could enhance our game in an outstanding way (if i can figure out how to get them to work :P). Shaders determine how to render each pixel in our game and we can make some outstanding effects using them. They are commonly used for lighting and shading effects, but I am planning to try use them to enhance the graphics a little in A Finnish Fable. This will be an interesting and fun concept to play with.

Moi Moi,
AFF Team